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Roku Smart DNS Setup

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 12:24PM EST


This article explains how to set up Blockless Smart DNS on your Roku.


Roku 3 is now forcing the use of Google DNS numbers on the device which has caused major issues with our service to work with this model. Previous models will still work but unfortunately the Roku 3 firmware is not fully supported through Blockless


Setup Guide

  1. Roku players do not have advanced network settings and the only option to connect to our service is to add Blockless DNS settings in your router.
  2. To view the setup guide for your router please visit our device guide here and find your router.


Every Roku device needs to be "linked" to user's account at


You must create account from the computer BEFORE starting activation of Roku device. DO NOT create account if Roku box asks you to create new one, it may be created incorrectly and won't show you new apps. If your device does not show US "channels" then you'll need to create new account, do "factory reset" and "link" device to that account.


Roku Channel Store

Recently Roku started asking users' billing address and uses it to select apps available through Channel Store.


In order to setup Roku account "compatible" with US channels you need to select "United States" as country and use ZIP code made of digits from postal code of your actual billing address.


Add zeroes before and/or after actual digits in ZIP if your postal code has less than 5 digits.


For example, Canadian postal code A12C3 can be "converted" to 00123.

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